You do not often see something more majestic than the big eagles

. Most of us admire them when we get the chance to see these big birds. When it comes to websites on the internet, some are flying high like an eagle, while others struggle with design and expression.

It’s not easy

It really isn’t
. Not for most of us, but a few seems to have a God given talent for writing, or design

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. They always seem to know how to put it together… while the rest of us chose to struggle, or to pay one of these talents to do the job.

About BlazingBird

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This web-site was created because we own the domain blazingbird.com – We do not offer web-design, or creative writing, but we may consider selling the domain, if the price is right! If you’re interested, please use our contact form for inquiries.


Hello to you!

We will not be blogging much on this web-site, but just in case, if something interesting is happening, maybe some of our clients have news they want to blast out, tell the World, then we will consider posting it here . .